A Story of Faith in God

Hiya Readers!

Sorry it’s been so long. I’d like to say there is a very good excuse for it but quite frankly, there isn’t! I’m the sort of girl that loves a ‘to do’ list and ‘write blog’ has been on that list every day. Unfortunately, it seems to be the one thing that I keep missing off! So I have half an hour before I go to teach dance where I thought I would sit down and actually write something. Turns out I’m going to be writing AND scoffing my face with leftover prawn and corn chowder so that I can actually get everything done in time.

I just wanted to share a recent story with you, that happened today, which has actually made me sit down and grab my keyboard again. This has been a hard month for us in terms of money. We have had to pay for my husband’s car to be fixed; £750 later (on Dad’s mates rates) and we are officially poor! Combine that with our first Christmas as a married couple, oh!, and me quitting my job – then this has been a bit of a stretched month. So you can imagine my delight when the postman delivers 2 lovely envelopes that contain £900 worth of vet fees. Turns out my darling cat has managed to use the maximum amount of fees that the insurers are prepared to pay, and nobody thought to tell us. So we’ve been getting him lots of treatment and tests (and we still don’t know what’s wrong by the way) without realising that we would be footing the bill this time.

The first blessing is that I have wonderful parents, who have agreed to loan us the money so that we can pay off those vet fees. I am so grateful that God blessed me with such generous and caring parents. I’m 26 and the fact that they are still prepared to financially support my is incredible. My parents are not Christians, despite the fact that myself and my little brother are, but they still demonstrate such a blinding faith in their own children that they are a daily reminder of God’s unconditional love for His children.

Now the second blessing is going to take slightly more explaining. I quit my job in retail back in December, just before Christmas, because I couldn’t cope with the hours and the travelling every day. So in January, I decided to become a Primary Supply Teacher. I’d been a Primary School Teacher for 4 years before I made the difficult decision to leave the profession. Getting back into teaching has been really rewarding. I’ve only done the odd day and afternoon here and there, but being back in the classroom has definitely confirmed God’s calling for me. So having only done 2 days worth of cover, money is still pretty tight. I get £60 for an afternoon of cover and £120 for a full day. Which is a great rate, but not when you’ve only done 2 days!

On the same day as these two ‘lovely’ letters landed on my doormat and I’ve spent most of the day panicking about money and finances, I receive a call from my teaching Supply agency. I’ve been offered 3 weeks worth of full day cover in the Early Years setting at a local school! Giving me £130 a day for those 3 weeks starting on Friday. I can’t believe how gracious God is. It’s like He said to me today ‘Rebecca, I need you to trust me, and to teach you that lesson, I’m going to give you a tone of bills, and then show you that I can handle them!’ I don’t even remember particularly praying to God today – I think I was just casually speaking to Him in my head with my main message being ‘help’ and ‘what am I going to do?!’ But luckily, I have been reminded that God never gives us more than we can handle. He knew that I would totally panic when I got those £900 worth of bills. But he also knew that He was going to hand me the perfect job, at the perfect time, with more than enough to cover the bills and have a bit left over for living. What a blessing! God really does work in mysterious ways and teaches us lessons on a daily basis. I’ve never really worried about finances but God needed me to start trusting Him with my life plan, and finances were the perfect way to do that this month.

Thank you God for the hard lessons you teach us. Thank you that you never give us more than we are capable of handling and thank you that, ultimately, You are bigger than all of our problems!!

This little story reminded me of this song!


Have a listen if you get a chance, and think of all the things that God is greater than! The list is endless if you really start thinking about it. Sorry I haven’t written much over the last few weeks. I’m human. I’m not perfect. But I know I can always try and be better.

Talk to you all soon (and I mean it this time)

Laters xx

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